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In 2001, Tom McMullen founded an FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) team at Tehachapi High School (THS). The team consisted of 20 ambitious high school students who started a legacy at THS that still lives on today. In 2004, the team attended the Arizona Regional winning the Regional Competition and the 2004 Delphi's 'Driving Tomorrow's Technology' award. In the 2006 Archimedes Semifinals at the national championships in Atlanta, Georgia, Team 585 placed 25th after they played against and were beaten by the eventual national champions. In 2010, Team 585 received the Chairman's award at the Las Vegas Regional, landing them a spot in the national competition in Atlanta, Georgia. 65% of team members have gone to college, seven of which have received internships in the past summer. Team 585, the Cyber Penguins, proudly carries on that legacy today, in 2012/2013. Danielle Evansic advises a team consisting of members of various ages with diverse skills to contribute, such as marketing, programming, media, animation, build, fundraising and a website team. This year, Team 585 also has a very involved group of parents helping with trip-planning, fundraising, and everything else to help us succeed. Every year, with input of new minds and advances of old ones, improvements are made to the robot process and the structure of the team.

In 2012, Team 585 competed in two regional competitions, one in Seattle and another in Las Vegas. At the Las Vegas Regional, the team was presented with the prestigious Chairman's Award, securing them a spot at the championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

About Tehachapi:

Tehachapi, CA

Tehachapi is a mountain pass in California at the 4000-foot elevation region between Bakersfield and Lancaster with surrounding areas ranging from 3,969 feet to 7,981 feet (Double Mountain). Located in the Tehachapi Mountains between Bakersfield and Mojave in Kern County, the area is known for its Tehachapi Loop (one of the engineering wonders of the world), electricity generating wind turbines, proximity to Edwards Air Force Base, and excellent environment for gliding. Even though Tehachapi is in Southern California, because of its altitude, Tehachapi enjoys a "four season" climate (sometimes even all in one day), with occasional snow in the winter. The population was 10,957 in the 2000 census. As of 2006 the total population of the Tehachapi area is estimated at 35,000 including surrounding areas. The populated places in the vicinity of the incorporated City of Tehachapi include Golden Hills, Old Town, Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs, Oak Knolls, Alpine Forest Park, Mountain Meadows, Old West Ranch, Sand Canyon, Keene, and Hart Flat. The Greater Tehachapi Area has a 25 mile radius.

Tehachapi High School (THS) serves students in grades 9-12 in the Tehachapi area. THS is part of the Tehachapi Unified School District, and a K-12 school district. Tehachapi High School has a current enrollment of 1500 plus students, with District enrollment at approximately 5000. The district operates three elementary schools, one middle school, an alternative education school and one comprehensive high school. Tehachapi is well known for its diverse and excellent academic and athletic programs. In 1999, the community passed a $24 million bond to construct a new state-of-the-art high school, which opened in August 2003. THS has the reputation of being one of the preferred educational programs in Kern County, with test scores higher than many other high schools in the county, and highly-honored athletics and activity programs. In 2009, two Tehachapi schools, Golden Hills Elementary School and Tehachapi High School, were named California Distinguished Schools by state academic officials.

Thinking about joining?

Are you a student at Tehachapi High School? Would you like to join Team 585? If so, simply show up to one of our lunch or after school meetings and ask for an application!
We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and every Wednesday after school.

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